Barber Stop is a self-contained, barber shop kiosk to be placed in high traffic areas. It is designed for the independent barber who already has his or her own clientele, for barbers ready to be independent and looking for an economical way to begin their own business or for the new or recently relocated barber who would like help getting set up with clientele in a visible location. All of this in an attractive, convenient, easily recognized, and easy-to-set-up package.

Barber Stop kiosk is ready to assemble on location. All that is needed to open for business is a standard 110-volt outlet. Hot and cold water is available in a self-contained sink system. This simple system is easily maintained with two small, portable containers. When not in use, the kiosk’s sliding door locks to secure all equipment inside for safe, easy storage.

 Barber Stop kiosk includes the following:
  • Ready-to-assemble kiosk complete with floor, cabinets, hot and cold water system.
  • Six wired outlets for clippers, trimmers, etc. ready to plug into single standard 110-volt outlet.
  • Rolling door with lock mechanism.
  • Inside lighting for kiosk.
  • Ready-to-mount triple mirror.
  • ADA accessible threshold for smooth entrance from location floor.

 Advantages to Barber:
  • Work with your own clientele in your own location.
  • Can be set up in high traffic areas for increased business potential.
  • Small square footage requirement for reduced location expenses (only 50 sq. feet).
  • Easy to set up and begin operation.
  • Easily moved to accommodate seasonal business patterns or displays.

 Advantages to Host Business:
  • Increased traffic into business due to established Barber Stop clientele.
  • Clientele will typically have time before or after haircut to shop in host business.
  • Easily set up or taken down to accommodate seasonal display rearrangements.
  • Only requires a single 110-volt outlet for power.
  • Unique, attractive display to bring in new business